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Electromagnetic fields can be just as harmful to our health as pollutants in the water or respirable dust in the air. Radiation from mobile phones, SAR values, electrosmog, protection from harmful radiation and the quality of our water are very much modern-day concerns.
memon technology creates an invisible force field in which harmful environmental influences are neutralised.
Experience the difference: at home, at work and on the move.
WLAN, electrical appliances, heating equipment, telephone, drinking water, food.
Find out here how you can protect yourself against risks and experience a completely new quality of life. >>
Computers, printers, other appliances, WLAN, wireless equipment. At work, you are surrounded by a whole host of electromagnetic fields. Protect yourself from harmful effects. >>
In the car and when using other means of transportation, on journeys and whenever you are on the move. Give yourself a helping hand and protect yourself from negative environmental influences.
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